My painting can be defined as non objective in that it is not attempting to represent anything in the real world.  Instead my practice is to pursue a visual idea  and chase it  down  every rabbit hole. The pursuit can be vigorous and exhilerating. Eventually  the quarry succumbs. Once captured,  that  once fleeting  visual idea is transformed  through line and colour into  the visual image that is depicted  on the  painted canvas.

What a demanding creature my inner artist is. I have to put up with its constant insisting that I go to the two dollar shop and buy up big in the kiddies art and craft section.

No rest when I get home either until I finish making this self portrait  in its own likeness. Is there no limits to its own vanity that sees no bounds. Seems content now that i have done as asked ,  I might just be left in peace long enough  to  watch the footy if I'm lucky .

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